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...The most important paintings create themselves...

The paintings of Katarzyna ZygadlewiczRhythm, color, sound, texture, movement of the hand. Sweeping. Powerful. Explosion of emotions, sensuality, strength, mass of colors - this is how Katarzyna Zygadlewicz creates her paintings.

Beat of African drums, vibrating, wild song of an Arab woman, guttural cry of a flamenco singer, power, strength, creative energy exploding in the strokes of the brush, the movement of the hand or the palette knife.

Look, gesture, sensual lips, bare breast, buttock, slender, firm legs – a nude painted with sweeping movements of the hand, carved with the palette knife and finished off with a tender touch of the brush.

Her paintings emanate something elusive and powerful at the same time. It is the spirituality of our time which derives its strength from the primeval wisdom of the desert fathers. Continuously reborn in a struggle. Searching for freedom and truth, going against fashion. Affirming life, its beauty and the inscrutable trails which always lead towards the light. Not succumbing to darkness, illusion and simple solutions.

Each day this spirituality is confronted with the modern world with its beauty and ugliness, love and hatred, war and peace, subtlety and rudeness, mercy and cruelty. Katarzyna Zygadlewicz's artwork brings out what is most beautiful in this world, moments of happiness, hope, colors and sounds of nature, exotic, abstract landscapes saturated with colors.

Her works are inspired by travels, contact with other cultures, music, dance. All the differences between people, but also all the timeless values they share, such as love, respect for other human beings and nature, provide the artist with a source of inspiration . The series of paintings which are currently being created: The Gardens of Eden, Flamenco Dancers, Musicians, The Cities of the South, are more than just a way of expressing oneself but also a search for beauty and a way of life.

Katarzyna Zygadlewicz's works reflects the most beautiful aspects of the artist's soul, inspire others to live a better life, to perceive its multidimensionality and diversity. They give the audience what’s best in Katarzyna Zygadlewicz herself. They pick out a rare pearl out of the darkness of this world, a pearl which the artist shares with others. Her paintings brighten up the interiors of many apartments, houses and offices worldwide – they clothe them in a garment of color and joy of life. The paintings find their owners in Barcelona, Paris, Buenos Aires, in different countries and cultures. They are supracultural.

Katarzyna Zygadlewicz’s artwork is a manifesto of life, its affirmation. It is constant looking ahead, on the road. It is continuous wandering between various styles, inspirations, cultures. It is creating the impossible. It is believing that "Deep in the continuum, the essence of simplicity marks the beginning and the end of the act of creation". (Aleksandra Turant).

Ewa Zygadło - Kozaczuk